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Marko Brandon is a Greek-American contemporary artist WHO uses X-ray and metal as a

medium creatING abstract WORKS that hover on the threshold where science meets art.

 Marko is fascinated by X-ray photography and its ability to reveal what the human eye cannot see.
An X-ray NORMALLY enables ONE to peer into the archITECTURE of the human body, but in Marko’s hands, it unveils the archaeology of the art object..
European master paintings, Buddhist icons, and Byzantine devotional objects have all been transformed into ghostly imprints that float across metal.
Some say that Marko’s IMAGES compel us to look beneath the facade, the very “skin” of the surfaces that inspire his images.
Exposed before us is the stuff that shores up the material splendor of an art object, but remainS hidden from sight: a charcoal drawing, Hand-wrought nails, the wood of a stretcher, or the accidental smudges of paint.
In these traces lie glimpses of those artistic impulses and imperfections that shape a work of art with a twist of what is in Marko’s head. this carries over from his interest of Greek Mythology and design Revealing to us, almost magically, by technologies that are reserved for the human body.
these quirks come to the forefront in Marko’s art while the “body” of the object dissolves into nothingness, a visual whisper of a ghostly contour that float across metal, presenting a modern take on antiquity.
A resident of Atlanta AND MIAMI, Marko has exhibited his work at Fay Gold Gallery, besharat gallery AND Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta.
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